4 qualities that give your business a backbone

You have your logo, a sophisticated website and an impeccable business plan, so you are good to go, right? There is another element to consider… you!

Here is a list of four qualities that people appreciate when dealing with your business, and leave them coming back for more.

1. May passion be your pilot
When you are passionate about your business, you don’t have to sell it to people. Passion seeps out of your pores and excites others. If a business is more of a job than a devotion, people can tell. Passion and enthusiasm can catapult you further with your business, rather than the desire to simply make money.

2. Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency
Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. Fluffing around with meetings that don’t achieve anything is a waste of time, yours and your clients. Plan, set goals and have a success criteria for meetings. And before you do schedule that meeting, decide whether it is completely necessary, an email or phone call can sometimes be just as effective.

3. Communication is key
Sending an email, followed up by a missed call, replied to via text, ending in a voicemail one week later, frustrates people. Not all clients are the same, and the form of communication that works for one doesn’t always work for another. Be consistent and ensure you are easily contactable.

4. Honestly, be yourself
People know when you’re putting on a front. Of course you need to be professional in business, but be yourself at the same time. Being human, slip ups and all, makes you relatable and people like that.