Are you ready for alert level 3?

What will your business look like at alert level 3?

Moving to alert level 3 will lift the restrictions on online shopping and ordering takeaways. Your shop doors will remain closed but you will have the flexibility to start selling your products online.

Don’t have a product to sell?

Your customers still need your skills, services and professional advice! If your customers can’t pyhsically come to you, why not find a way to bring it to them.

  • Could you be inventive and host events, workshops, meetings, “social” gatherings virtually?
  • Are there other local businesses you could team up with to create a cool new offer?


Are you ready for alert level 3?

Meetings, client interactions, workshops, sales and more can all be done online. It is also possible to set up subscription-based portals to continue to provide services to your customers virtually and set up payment facilities.

We still don’t know when we will move to level 3 but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for it. Get your website ready to go so you can start selling as soon as we move to level 3. You can even launch your website now to start selling your products and then ship out the products once the restrictions are lifted.

Moving to an online platform is easy!

We love helping clients move their business to a user-friendly online platform to enable them to work remotely and still provide an outstanding customer experience.

Below are examples of our clients who have made the easy transition to sell their products and services online.

Hello You

With their doors closed to the public Hello You focused on getting their online shop up and running and ready to take online orders. They can start taking orders now and once we move into level 3 they will have all orders ready to be posted out to their loyal customers.

Chew the Fat

The new website provides a functional platform to run Chew the Fat completely online and conduct all sales, workshops and health coaching sessions remotely. With the new website launched just as we went into level 4 Chew the Fat has continued to run their business as usual during the lockdown.

Face to Face

When Face to Face found out they had to close their doors and were unable to provide their services they were quick to look at alternative options. We worked with the team to add a shop onto their current website to start selling their products online.


The team at Arborio decided to take advantage of their existing online platform to create an online menu for customers to order their meals as takeaways. This platform is ready to go as soon as we move into level 3.

We are here to help you get online and ready for alert level 3!

Our team is digitally set up in New Zealand and Australia and would love to chat about your options – give us a call or email us to set up a video conference.

Do you want to get a website online in a week?

Has your business been impacted by COVID-19?

Design Garage has partnered with Venture Taranaki to provide financed support to businesses impacted by COVID-19.