What are the best websites doing to increase their website traffic?

As a business owner, it can be challenging to navigate the way you market, and the way you spend your valuable marketing budget (if you have such a thing!).

If you already have a professionally designed website you can be rest assured that you know what’s important for your businesses today. But what are the best websites doing to increase their website traffic? Could you be using yours more effectively?

Website trends are constantly changing, but we’ve made it easy for you by putting together a list of what the best websites are doing in order to increase their website traffic. These trends are set to stay and can make a difference to the number of visitors to your site, as well as improving conversions – so those visits actually turn into sales.

They post regular blogs

Publishing relevant blogs can increase your website traffic as they increase organic search visibility. This means your website is more likely to pop up when people search, so your business will be in front of new and prospective customers. Updating your website with blogs regularly shows search engines your website has a purpose and is significant.

They use images and videos to their advantage

If you’re looking to increase website traffic a trend that has been around for a long time is the use of videos and images. Everyone is short on time, so videos and carefully selected images can convey ideas in a short space of time while informing and appealing to the viewer. Images and symbols can make ideas much easier to understand. To show rather than tell can be extremely beneficial to your website and the number of conversions you have.

They showcase testimonials

When you first created your website your business may have been relatively new so you avoided including testimonials. Now even if you’ve had a handful of clients, asking them for a few sentences on the top service or product they recieved, can help potential clients to relate to you and your business. Positive reviews reassure people that your business can be trusted and they encourage them to act.

They understand the importance of content

What content are you including in your website and where is it located? Search engines such as Google will only find your business if the keywords that people are searching for are included in the content of your website. It’s crucial to know what people are searching for when it comes to your business and to use this knowledge to your advantage. Find out more about SEO here. Small changes such as including call to action functions such as “enquire now” and adding your contact details to the footer of your home page can all add up to your success in being seen.

They understand their website, and how it’s tracking

Keeping a keen eye on your website to see how many visitors you are getting and how they compare from month to month can be extremely worthwhile. Where your visitors are coming from and how they are getting there (for example links from social media, organic web searches or just going directly to your site) are all valuable insights as to what is working well for your business, and how you can make improvements.

Sometimes small tweaks to your website can make all the difference and can really increase your website traffic. However, website traffic is just part of the success equation, if the visits aren’t converting to sales, your site may be in need of a shake up.

If you need support with including any of these website trends into your website, Design Garage are only too happy to help. Contact us here.