Design Garage Business Branding Checklist

Better business branding starts with the official Design Garage checklist!

Deciding to launch a new or revised business branding strategy can be very exciting and very daunting.
The trick is not to do it alone. Finding the support of a branding expert like Design Garage, will help save time and solidify your approach. Otherwise you may find that you have:

– Too many ideas

This is not necessarily a good thing. Too many ideas can lead to confused branding… and confused customers. Branding is all about finding the best way to create a consistent image across your marketing, advertising and promotional platforms.

– Only One Idea

Sometimes business owners get fixed on one idea and sometimes that idea might not the best idea for the business. It can be hard to step back and look at your business objectively as a customer would, especially if you’ve poured your heart and soul into it.

– No Ideas At All

Nobody ever said branding was easy! When you know you need new branding or an upgrade to your existing strategy but have absolutely no clue as to how to tackle the project, then you’re definitely in need of professional help.


Design Garage is the business branding specialist who can help firm up your ideas and develop a strong direction in which your business needs to go. Once you’ve made your client appointment, you’ll need to collect a few important bits and pieces before the meeting. This will help your designer get a clearer idea of your requirements. Your checklist of items to chase up includes

– Examples of your existing branding:

Bring along samples of your logos, images, taglines, business stationery, exterior photos, and let us know links to your social media platforms and websites. It’s helpful to know where your business has been before you decide where it needs to go.

– Your marketing or business plan:

Having a developed strategy can assist in a clear path forward. Even if you have nothing concrete written down, it’s helpful to know what your plans and dreams are for your business in the next six months to five years. Let’s build a brand that grows with your business.

– Inspirational Ideas:

Are there any examples of branding you love? Ones you particularly dislike? Getting a feel for your likes and dislikes will help speed up the process. Gather examples of these through print products or keep a list of website addresses.

– Your budget:

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to get a great result. Your revamp may only require a bit of tweaking here and there. Whatever your budget, Design Garage can give you options. Having an idea of your budget from the outset, helps to set realistic expectations of what can be achieved.
Design Garage will always price the work for work before we start, and we’ll keep you updated through the process, so there are no surprise invoices at the end!


Complete the Design Garage Branding Development worksheet/checklist.

Our brainstorming sheet will help you come up with key points and information to create the best business branding solution. It includes:

– Your purpose and values.

This will help to tailor your branding ideas specifically to your needs and to develop branding that will truly represent your business. Demonstrating your guiding principles and what drives your business to your customers is what branding is all about.

– Ideal Client

Every business is trying to attract and reach a core target market of customers. Knowing who these people are can help refine ideas and create a brand that will speak to the right people.

– Competitors

Identifying who your competitors are and what they are doing is an advantage. Reviewing what they are doing well, what is working for them and how to stand out from them is an important part of the branding process. Jot down a quick list of who they are, any branding/marketing references and what competitive edge you have.

– Products and Services

What is it that you offer your customers? What exactly is it that you do? Do you have specific terminology around your core services and/or products? Knowing what you are selling can help drive imagery and text for branding.

– Images and colours:

A picture paints a thousand words so make sure they’re saying what you want them to say! With all the other information supplied, your designer will already have an idea of appropriate images and colours to suit your brand. Include ideas or examples of images and colours you have been using or would like to use to strengthen the understanding of your brand.

– Most important – Have an open mind!

Coming up with the best strategy means being able to entertain ideas you may not have thought about before.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your business branding or you’re starting from scratch, Design Garage has the expertise to help.
Make your first appointment today and don’t forget your checklist! Contact us today to get your copy of our Branding Development Worksheet contact@designgarage.co.nz


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