How can I stay connected with my clients?

If you are running a business, one of the greatest assets you have are your existing clients, whether it’s a regular customer who comes back once a month, or someone who purchased an item from you once.  Look after them, treat them as the appreciated, valuable people that they are. Nurturing the clients you already have will help encourage them to purchase again.

One way of doing this, is to connect with them after they have interacted with your business.  Of course there is a very obvious contrast between being genuinely interested in keeping in touch with your valuable clients and annoying them with regular, general, spam.  When done correctly though, emailing can be an extremely effective form of communication.

Keep it personal

The first thing you must have, is an up to date database.  As well as their contact details and any relevant personal information such as birthdays or important events, keep tabs on what they are purchasing or the services they prefer.  That way you can notify them if you have a new product in, or a special on a service you are offering that would actually be of interest to them.  Contact your client a week before their birthday with an incentive to purchase from you, or you may notice a trend of when they tend to purchase from you, so contact them during those times.  Grouping your clients based on their preferences can save you time when it comes to sending more specific group emails.

Follow ups and reminders

Make an effort to follow up after meetings or purchases to check that they are happy.  You may have something else you have to offer down the track, that would complement the service or product they purchased.  Specific reminders can sometimes be enough to spark action. A note to say that you haven’t seen them in a while, and offer a discount off their next visit or purchase can entice a past customer back.


A regular way to touch base with your clients, your newsletter can Include blogs on topics of interest, any new updates or interesting articles that are related to your industry.  You can keep track of who is actually opening to view your newsletters which will help to give you an indication of who is interested. In the same way, you can take people off your newsletter list if they are not showing an interest in your newsletter so there is no risk of it being “annoying”.

How do I create professional looking emails?

Mailchimp is a user friendly software that will allow you to create your emails and newsletters as well as manage your database.  Email can be powerful when used appropriately, and it’s a simple way to keep the channels open between you and your clients. The extra time it takes to make sure you are being specific with your email content will be appreciated.

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