Improving your website’s performance

So, you have your website up and running. Your vision has become a reality and you have a professional website, ready to be browsed, and ready to bring you business… Except people aren’t seeing it yet, and new leads aren’t quite flooding through the way you thought they might. It can be disheartening when your website isn’t performing as quickly as you’d like it to, so we’ve put together a few tips that you can be doing to improve your website performance now.

Monthly blogs
Publishing relevant content will let search engines know that your website is up to date and worth people’s time, meaning your website is more likely to pop up when people search. Update your blogs regularly as this shows your website isn’t sitting there static, it has a purpose. Although blog writing is yet another thing to add to your to do list as a business owner, it can significantly increase the number of people visiting your site.

Create backlinks and list your website on other directories
If you do a great job with your blogs and the content is interesting and relevant, people will begin sharing and linking to them. Doing so creates backlinks to your site. Backlinks are simply incoming links to a webpage, and search engines love these, as they help with indexing your site and reinforcing the quality and significance your website has to offer. If your site has quality backlinks (from relevant sites) it will rank higher with search engines. Listing your website on local business listing can also be helpful, and it should go without saying – keep your social media such as Facebook and Instagram relevant and up to date.

Create a Google My Business listing
Simply Google “Google My Business” and create an account. This allows your business to show up in the map section at the top of Google when searched for. You can keep your hours of operation up to date here, include a link to your website, directions, and images. A simple yet very effective way to get your business seen.

Reviews on Google and Facebook provide search engines with more information on your business and, can improve your search engine ranking. Not only that, reviews influence people. Positive reviews reassure potential customers that your business can be trusted and encourages them to act. Having a Google My Business account as discussed above allows people to review your business with Google reviews. So, start asking. Send a follow up email to clients with a link to give you feedback or mention it to them in person. It will take them minutes but can make all the difference to your website being seen.

Search Engine Optimisation
This is how your website can be fully optimised so search engines such as Google will find you and begin producing your website when people are searching. There are specialists that can do this for you (Design Garage included). You can read more information on what is involved in this article ‘SEO explained’. It is relatively involved, but it is something to keep in mind if you want fast results in gaining traction with your website.

If you’d like more information, or to discuss how your own website’s performance can be improved, please contact Design Garage.