Is it time for a brand refresh?

Sometimes, change is a good thing. No matter how scary it may be…

We all know how a fresh lick of paint can revive an otherwise dull room and a new haircut can make you feel on top of the world – BUT, have you ever considered how a few tweaks here and there can completely revive your brand?

So…how do you know when it’s time for a brand refresh and what does ‘brand refresh’ even mean?

Put simply, it can be broken down like this:


A brand refresh might look like this:

  Tweaking your current design or logo.

  Updating your slogan.

  Refreshing your colour palette.

  Updating marketing assets.

  Using new images or video content.


While a rebrand, on the other hand, looks a little more like this:

  Creating a new personality.

  Designing a completely new brand identity.

  Establishing yourself in a different market.

  Overhauling your entire brand visual and ‘ethos’.

So which one is right for your brand?

9/10 brands prefer to opt for a simple brand refresh, rather than a complete rebrand. It requires less risk, work and money, while still getting you the results you need. Think of it as your personal makeover – ‘that new haircut’ – a way to reflect a more current, updated version of your company by tweaking and improving your existing strategy or identity.

So when is the right time to book a ‘haircut’ for your brand? 

If you’re facing one of the scenarios below, then the answer is NOW (and we can help!):

Reason #1: You’re out-of-date:

Trends and styles will change, and you need to make sure your brand keeps up with them. Your logo may have been innovative when you first started your business, however, the ever changing market may have left you in the dust. Carefully assess your branding and determine whether your brand presence is not only relevant, but pushing you forward, or whether it’s just holding you back.

Reason #2: You’ve changed or evolved:

Does your brand aesthetic and voice reflect what you offer and who you are accurately? Brands often grow and evolve over time. It’s important to make sure that your customers know and understand who and what you’re about now.

Reason #3: You’re no longer ‘stand-out’:

Take a look at your brand’s identity. How unique is it from those of your competitors? Does it communicate what makes you different or special? Does it set you apart from the rest?

Reason #4: You’re inconsistent:

For us, this is a biggie, and one that alot of our client’s struggle with. With the rise of tech and digital media we have seen an increase in the number of channels we can now use to reach customers. If you’ve been playing with different colour palettes, fonts and marketing assets across these channels, the chances are you’re confusing your audience. A simple refresh can help you consolidate your brand essence and create a suite of consistent marketing assets.

Reason #5: Your audience has changed:

everything around you does too and, as a result, you may not be reaching your target audience anymore. As you grow and learn throughout business, who you are truly targeting may have shifted since you first started out. A refresh will help you to determine if your brand is still aligned with your audience and what they need.

And, we’ve saved the best for last….

Reason #6: You’re growing:

There is no better feeling (We know!). However, it can be hard to showcase just how much your company has grown when your brand doesn’t reflect it. If your brand has expanded to offer new services, grown to offer new products, or set new goals as a brand, then a brand refresh is the perfect way to show that your business is evolving. 

INSIDE SCOOP: Want to know a little secret? Here at Design Garage, we’re in the same position ourselves! We’re in need of a bit of a ‘haircut’… so watch this space to see what little tweaks we do to give our brand a ‘new do’.


So…Does your brand fit into one of the above scenarios? If so,  it may be time to book in that ‘haircut’ today.

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