Knowing your brand’s ‘why’

Simply put – Every successful brand has a purpose behind it. 

Your brand starts with its very own ‘Why’. This could be, Why have you started your business? Or, why do you do what you do? However, really, it’s much more than this, and much more important than you may think!

So why is knowing your ‘why’ so important?

Your ‘Why’ is the very reason you started your business and it’s the building blocks to creating a unique and engaging brand that not only lasts, but sets you apart from other brands in your industry.

As human beings we’re naturally curious, we want to know the motivation and driving force and ultimately – the reason  behind things.

As said by Simon Sinek, of (recently world famous TED talk), Start with why — how great leaders inspire action

So, do you know yours? ⁠

Finding your brands ‘Why’ is sometimes not as simple as it seems. It’s far more than simply making a statement that you think your audience/customers will get behind or ‘believe in’. It’s about what drives you as a brand, what your purpose is, what your values are, and ultimately how this all aligns.

4 Ways to Get to Know Your Brand’s ‘Why’


#1 Know your audience.

It all starts with getting to know your audience. Your audience is who drives the value of your brand. Simple put – your brand wouldn’t exist without them. And, it’s important to know who they are and how to connect with them. This ultimately informs your marketing strategy and influences so many of your design/branding decisions.


#2 Know your competition.

Getting to know your competitors is an important way to further develop your brand. By knowing about your brand in relation to your competitors, it will broaden your knowledge about your audience and industry and better inform and refine your marketing strategy.

#3 Know your mission and vision.

Your mission refers to why your business exists and will continue to exist (what are you trying to achieve?),  while your vision is more specific, it focuses on the direction your brand is going in the future and how you see it developing (where will your brand be in a couple of years?)


#4 Know your values.

Your brand’s values are the beliefs that you stand for, serving as the compass that guides your brand’s narrative, actions, behaviour and deliverables. Your values are a reminder of what’s important to your brand and to your audience. 

So you’re getting to know your ‘Why’…

As you begin to unpack your ‘Why’, take a look at all of your marketing touch-points – is it communicated clearly across all? Does your audience understand your ‘Why’ and is it driving everything that you do? 

This alignment is the most important factor when it comes to ensuring that your ‘Why’ forms the intended connection and inspires/fosters the most action.

Does your current brand presence match your ‘why’?

If not – we can help! Design Garage will research, plan, develop and create a brand presence for you that clearly communicates your values and ‘why’.