Marketing basics for your business

Are you doing the basics to market your business?

The concept of marketing can be overwhelming, however, if you are wanting to do more, reach more people and improve your sales – marketing is the answer!

For people to engage with your business, they need to know about your business! Not only that, they need to trust your business, feel like they need you, and be so happy with their experience or product that they return for more and tell their friends about it!

Marketing your business is not just being seen by customers, it’s the impression they have of you when they do see you. So, what impression do you want to give potential clients about your brand?

Are you using a theme for your Instagram feed?

The biggest mistake we see businesses making with their Instagram is simply a lack of planning. The individual pictures you post regularly matter, but so does the way these pictures sit next to each other and the overall layout they create on your Instagram page itself.

The best thing you can do is develop a theme that suits your style and create a plan for how you will carry out this theme on your Instagram feed.

Theme examples: row by row or same filter/ colour combination 



Are you using Instagram stories?

‘Your Story’ is a great tool on Instagram which allows you to share interesting photos and videos to engage with your followers. Posts to ‘Your Story’ will disappear after 24 hours and these images will not appear on your profile grid – which means you can get creative, without over-posting and cluttering up your feed.

Are you posting regularly on Facebook?

You should regularly post on Facebook and ensure the content you are posting is relevant to your business and brand. It is a good idea to track the reach and engagement a post gets so you can analyse and recreate the types of posts that attract more attention.

Are you sending emails regularly?

If you have a client database, then you should be utilising this to engage with your clients regularly.  Newsletters are a great way to touch base with your clients, these can include blogs on topics of interest, any new updates or interesting articles that relate to your industry.

Mailchimp is a user friendly software that will allow you to create your emails and newsletters as well as manage your database. You can keep track of who is actually opening to view your newsletters which will help to give you an indication of who is interested.  In the same way, you can take people off your newsletter list if they are not showing an interest in your newsletter so there is no risk of it being “annoying”.

Are you marketing locally?

Print media and billboards are still very powerful in the local market. People keep publications such as magazines and newspapers in their homes and then see them again in cafes, waiting rooms, and local public spaces, so they get a longer shelf life and will be seen by more people. Digital Billboards are quickly becoming the new craze, located at intersections the audience can’t help but see your campaign.


Are you getting online reviews?

Reviews on Google and Facebook will allow those that search for you to understand the value you bring from a clients perspective. Online reviews give your business credibility and help you stand out in search engine results.

If you need a hand with any of the above, or would like expert advice and guidance with your marketing goals, feel free to contact us for a chat.