The government has been decided, but what does this mean for your small business?

Delighted or dissatisfied over the change in government?  Either way, there is no denying the transformation of our government will have an effect on small businesses.  Pending changes to the minimum wage, paid parental leave and immigration policies will have an impact on the way your money is spent, and perhaps your business plans for the future.

With some small businesses going into hibernation waiting for the dust to settle, now could in fact be the perfect time to get on to promoting your small to medium sized business.  Remember, not everyone is impacted by the changes in policy that small businesses may be apprehensive about. Your consumer is still looking for their local builder, plumber or engineer.

How can you keep your business front of mind while other businesses may be hesitating?

Be found
Approximately 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business.  72% of consumers who do a local search, visit a business within eight kilometres. (WordStream, 2016)
Where does your business come up in a Google search, are you coming up at all? A well designed website is a first point of contact.  It’s professional, and gives you the ability to showcase your work, to convince a potential customer to call.

Be seen
Branding.  Does your brand represent your business, or could it be time to change it up?  If you’ve used the same logo for a lengthy period of time, it may come across dated to potential customers.  Your logo, business cards, promotional material, the sign writing on your vehicles, all represent who you are as a business.  A professional brand can make all the difference.

So, amidst the change and uncertainty, now might just be the right time to put promotion at the top of your business to do list.  At Design Garage we prioritise small businesses.  If you have been considering a new website, business cards or new sign writing for your vehicles, let us help you.



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