Photo Filters for a Fresh Finish

Everyone loves good photo filters. They can make your selfies go from drab to fab with one teeny swipe!

Filters can do everything – highlight crisp edges, soften the focus, brighten dull colours, turn a coloured 2016 into a sepia 1916. And of course, they’re great for smoothing out those fine facial lines we’d rather be without!

With summer holidays upon us and so many occasions to celebrate, we’ll probably be taking more snaps that ever before. So how do you know which filter will make the most of your pictures?

The best way to figure it out is to experiment. Every camera phone has its own series of filters to explore. And if you’re popping your pics through an app like PicMonkey, you can choose even more options. SnapChat is a fantastic social media platform that allows you to add text and drawings to your snaps, and its stable of pictorial overlay filters changes daily. You’ve probably seen your friends wearing the classic butterfly headpiece or the mask of the dog with its tongue sticking out? Those are just two of the fun overlays that Snapchat has to offer.

When it comes to classic filters however, Design Garage loves everything Vintage! This range of filters adds drama and depth and makes images really stand out.  We also recommend using a black filter over white text. Those words will leap out at you!

Once you have your selfies looking magazine cover worthy, have a think about the images you have on your website. Chances are you uploaded them months or even years ago, without the vast array of quality filters that we can take advantage of today.

Professional looking images on your website and social media pages really do make all the difference… and that includes the text you’re using as well. But scrolling through tonnes of different filters can become confusing. It’s sort of like trying on perfume or aftershave – the more you smell, the less you can smell, if you know what I mean!

If you really have no idea which kind of filter you should be using to make your pictures pop, give Casie at Design Garage a call.

Casie has extensive experience in graphic design and knows exactly how to present your pictures, images and text for maximum impact.

The images you present on your website are a direct reflection of your business ethos and brand. So take an objective look through everything that constitutes your branding presence (website, social media, advertisements, letterheads, business cards etc). Do your pictures say what you want them to say? Do they exude professionalism? Do they make your page look spacious or cluttered? Are they pictures to be proud of?

There is so much that you can do with a filter. For everything else, contact Design Garage.

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