Yoga Branding and website

Yoga Branding and website

Branding and website for New Plymouth's Yoga Studio.

Design Garage created the brand and website design for Reva Yoga. From the creation of a stunning logo to the selection of a harmonious color palette and typography, every element was carefully curated to reflect the unique spirit of Reva Yoga. The website design further elevated the brand's online presence, providing a seamless and immersive user experience that beautifully showcased the offerings, classes, and philosophy of Reva Yoga.

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It’s been a very special journey to birth REVA.
Casie designed The Wellness Project logo over 7 years ago, she is a student, a support person in our business adventure and someone we are thrilled to have as a friend.
Just like everything about REVA this transition has been about embracing community, connection and closeness. Casie not only understood our ‘why’, she felt it and believed it.
Thank you Casie, it has been an utter pleasure to create this new brand alongside you, knowing that it’s not just a name for you but a river that you also bathe in.
You have helped us bring REVA to life. Through this tearful, joyful birthing REVA is claiming her form and we adore everything about her identity."