Rebranding Your Business

Rebranding – Change is inevitable. And because we are creatures of habit, change can also be scary. When it comes to your business, change is often initiated by one of three things:

Design Garage worked with Safe Business Solutions on their rebranding project.
  1. By a reaction to something that has happened in the marketplace that directly affects the business.
  2. As a pro-active decision to solve a problem that looks likely to occur in the near-future.
  3. By an intuitive need to prevent stagnation and keep the business relevant and competitive.

These three ‘Change Initiators’ help drive the business and keep it moving forward.

Business branding is often seen by business owners as one of those areas which doesn’t really need changing much at all. After all, if the business imagery worked well yesterday, why wouldn’t it work just as well tomorrow? And besides, visual branding is all about being memorable, which means being consistent year after year. Just a glimpse of the company logo or graphic should be enough to trigger that ‘aha’ recall in a customer. But consider this – if you’ve used that same logo for a lengthy period of time, it will appear old and dated and that’s not a look a progressive business should want to cling on to.

Business branding does need updating to keep in touch with the times and stay relevant with an increasingly fickle market. Perhaps your business services and products have changed which isn’t reflected on your website. Or maybe you’re looking to attract a whole new demographic. Perhaps your competitors are starting to look a lot like you and your customers can’t tell the difference between you, or maybe your brand just doesn’t have a memorable factor at all.

If the thought of changing your business branding is tempting but also daunting, consider the three ‘Change Initiators’ we discussed earlier. Has a competitor recently opened with a fresh new look? You may need to react to this. Is your customer base dwindling and you need to attract a new target market? You may need to make a pro-active decision. Do you feel your business deserves a makeover? That’s your intuition talking!

It’s time for a rebrand. But rest assured you don’t have to do everything all at once. And you don’t have to be afraid you’ll lose your loyal customer base if you update your look (more than likely they’ll stick around – and you’ll attract a whole host of new customers as well).

You may just need to replace that tired old font with something that’s more in keeping with your company ethos. Perhaps you need a new logo designed, or maybe your entire website needs freshening up to keep up with the rate of technological change.

You can discuss your options with Casie at Design Garage. There are so many business rebrand options available. Casie offers a full range of rebranding services, including market research and brand strategy. Your business rebrand can be as simple or as detailed as you desire.

So make a change for the better. Call Casie now and find out what Design Garage can do for you.