Rebranding – Step By Step Guide

You’ve decided that your business could do with a bit of a rebrand. Perhaps one of the three ‘Change Initiators’ has come into play.

Whatever your reason, there are certain steps you need to undertake to ensure that your rebranding is successful.


Make sure you’re working with a design company that understands you and what you want to achieve.  The relationship with your designer is key and there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a large bill for extras you didn’t really need. Design Garage will work with you to find the best possible solution for your taste and budget.



This is a crucial step in the rebrand process and one that Design Garage has in depth experience in. Take a close look at your target market and your existing customer base.

  • Find out what they need and expect from your business and how they feel about your current branding.
  • Talk to potential customers who haven’t used your services. Find out why not? What makes them go elsewhere?
  • Input from your staff, their opinions and ideas are valuable.
  • Look at your competitors. What are they doing? What makes them successful?
  • Look at the industry as a whole. Are there new trends evolving? Can you see a niche to exploit?
  • And finally, look at your company, its values, missions and goals.

This research is important, not just from a branding point of view, but because you might discover new ideas and opportunities you hadn’t previously considered.



  • How far do you want your rebrand to go? Will a minor update like a change of font and colours be enough?
  • Do you want your logo and imaging updated? What about your website?
  • Or are you looking to do a full rebrand – from your company values and mission statement, through to graphic design, your website and social media branding?

Obviously budget constraints will come into play here, but there’s also the question of how far you want to go. Some people may be more comfortable taking baby steps, while others might be so fed up with their outdated branding they’re willing to chuck the whole thing and start again. Talk it over with your design team. If they’re a good bunch of people (like Design Garage!) they won’t push you into anything you’re not comfortable with.



Using the detailed information from all your research, you can sit down and start to design your branding. And it’s not just a logo! Branding incorporates everything that your customer will see.

With this in mind, it’s really important to remember that your branding is aimed at your customers, not at you. Keep your personal preferences in your own home!

Remember to consider where and how the branding will be used. Website and social media? Instore? Mailers? Although you may have an overall branding image, each will be designed differently depending on the medium where it will be displayed.



Once you’re happy with the final product, it’s time to launch it into the market.

A soft launch is where you slowly update and release the new branding as it happens.

A hard launch requires a little more strategy and planning, but it can be a very exciting time, when you hype your launch and then release it in the public sphere.



Your new branding will get people talking, so make sure you love your new look!


For more information about business branding and how you can give yours an overhaul, contact Casie at Design Garage now.