New Plymouth Social Media Management.

For Businesses who want social media done properly.

By working closely with you, we craft on-brand social media that captivate and engage your target audience.

We understand that you have a profound understanding of your business, and we leverage our knowledge and skills to translate that understanding into visually compelling designs, cohesive branding elements, and strategic social media campaigns, ultimately enhancing your brand’s online presence and creating meaningful connections with your audience.

We ensure that every aspect of your social media presence is thoughtfully crafted, aligning seamlessly with your brand’s identity and values, while leveraging the latest industry trends and best practices.

Social Media New Plymouth


One off professional photoshoot for social media.

Our Photo Content Shoot package is for Businesses that are over the DIY and want to level up their social media design. Whether you are looking for a new brand direction or you just want to look more professional on your Instagram or Facebook feed this is for you.

• Marketing Strategy Session
• 1 hour photo shoot of your product
• 3 Canva templates designed in brand colours for use on Facebook and Instagram
• 15 posts scheduled into Meta with captions from photoshoot

One off payment $3200+gst

Social Media Management New Plymouth


Content shoot plus Monthly management of your social media.

Businesses who want to ignite their social media presence with dynamic and engaging social media content, perfectly suited for businesses seeking to outsource their social media management and receive a steady stream of captivating and professional content.

• Marketing Strategy Session
• Statistics provided monthly
• Monthly content shoot by professional photographer
• 4 reel (videos) per per month
• 12 static posts per month
• 20 story slides per month
• Writing captions
• Scheduling posts

Monthly fee $3200+gst

We also have add on services including email campaigns and Facebook Adverts.

Marketing coaching


Not sure which package is right for you? Book an audit or one off session to discuss.


Who is this for:

Businesses that need a review of Instagram or Facebook. We will provide you with a list of improvements that will instantly improve your social media. These can be implemented yourself. Or if you choose one of our social media packages the below price will be reduced from the cost.

One off payment $250+gst


Who is this for:

Businesses looking to start your 2024 marketing off with a bang. This 2.5 hour one-on-one session is not just making a plan, it’s a hands on session where Casie will work along side you to create and schedule your social media for a month. You must already have a library of photos.

One off payment $500+gst

1. Initial Consultation
We find out what your business goals are and any strategies you currently have in place. We get to know your brand voice and values to create content that reflects this.

2. Marketing
Our team takes photos and puts together posts for your business. We will submit these to you for review.

3. Put Plans into action
Once you have approved the posts we will set up the scheduling of your posts to go on Social Media. Posts include images and content that would be engaging to your followers.

4. Review
With this data-driven approach, we’ll continuously refine and optimize your content strategy, ensuring that each post and email is informed by the performance insights gained, resulting in even more impactful and engaging communications.

Looking for tools to help you manage your social Media?

Free ebook

The Checklist for Marketing Success for your business.

In this free eBook, we’ll provide you with essential insights, strategies, and tips to enhance your brand’s identity and online presence. With a checklist for each of the 6 areas of your marketing.