The Pressure of Offline Promotion

With online marketing and advertising becoming more and more prevalent, it’s important to remember that business marketing offline – ie in the real world – is just as crucial as ever.

The key is to balance your marketing strategy so that both online and offline work well together. Branding, logos, slogans, corporate colours, tone and manner – all should be consistent across all platforms.

If a client clicks on your website, it should have the same feel and appearance as your actual store. When we see your vehicles on the road, the signage should be similar to what we would see on your business cards. This helps reinforce your brand to your customer, providing a ‘trigger point’ recognition that helps keep you top of mind for their next purchasing decision. Don’t believe it? Just watch a child salivate at the mere sight of the Golden Arches!

Of course, it’s impossible to identically duplicate branding across everything. Colours, font size and images need to be manipulated to look their best wherever they’re displayed. The trick is to find that complementary mix that gives all your branding a similar feel and a consistent appearance.

Design Garage has a sound reputation for creating business branding solutions and beautiful, functional websites. What you may not know is that Design Garage also has the experience and expertise to take your marketing offline as well.

Casie will work with you to ensure that your branding has a uniform look across both online and offline platforms. That includes such diverse options as business cards for networking opportunities, flyers for advertising and events, print layups for magazines, newspapers and adverts, vehicle branding and signage, vouchers and certificates, promotional items and merchandise – even clothing apparel.

Just as it makes sense to keep your branding consistent across the board, it also makes sense to keep your marketing resources in one place. Design Garage is able to keep track of everything you’re doing and where. They can manipulate text, images and colours to their best advantage and ensure that your business is looking its best, no matter where it’s displayed.

Check out the Design Garage portfolio on their website and you can see the amazing work they’ve already been doing. If you have a new business or just starting out, this is a great service to get things on the right track right from the beginning. If you have an established business and just need some new promotional products, Design Garage can source them for you, and if you’re looking at a complete rebrand or re-launch, Design Garage can help with that too.

Design Garage really is the home of marketing. Call Casie now and find out how Design Garage can streamline your business branding and take the pressure out of promotion.


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