4 Simple Tips for Effective Website Maintenance

No matter which product you’re selling or service you’re offering, every business needs regular website maintenance.

For many potential customers, your online presence is their first point of contact. For your website to function effectively as a comprehensive marketing tool, it needs to be checked and updated regularly.

Here are four super simple tips to help you get the best out of your website:


1: Get an SEO review.

SEO is the art and science of making your website search engine friendly. That means ensuring your content utilises keywords and phrases effectively, therefore pushing your business up the Google search engine rankings. If a potential customer is browsing Google for a specific product or service, your name should be the one that pops up ahead of your competition. Any good website designer (such as Design Garage) will have a handle on SEO search and will be only too happy to help optimise your brand.


2: Schedule Regular Updates.

In business, as in life, changes happen frequently. Does your website accurately reflect where your business is now?

If you’re stocking a new product, make sure it gets listed on your website. If new staff members are on board, make sure the contact page is updated. Or if you’re going through a branding revamp, ensure that your website is getting the same care and attention.

Make regular checks and updates as part of your broader marketing plan.


3: Comply with Industry Standards

Technology is constantly changing, so what worked for you last year may well be obsolete now. With phones being ever smarter, website browsing on a mobile has become the new norm. Is your website mobile friendly?

And is it up to date with current industry standards? For instant, does your URL have https: at the start of your web address? This will ensure the information sent between your website and browser is secure. Is your website e-commerce? Would it open up your business to a bigger market? It’s well worth checking out with your web designer.


4: Create a Destination

Your website should work in conjunction with the rest of your marketing. If you share content on social media, make sure it leads back to your website. If you have business cards or any print marketing material, make sure your website is listed.

Ideally it should be the hub of all your marketing activities, especially if you’re selling online.



These are just a few of the things you can do to ensure your website is working effectively to sell your products and services. If you need help with any of the above, Design Garage is only too happy to help with your requirements. They’re the website designers who will not only make your website look good, they’ll make it perform well too.