Trademarking your business

Have you thought about trademarking your business?

It is important for businesses to have an understanding of why trade marking is important. Registering a trade mark not only protects your brand but can enhance the value of your business. If you plan on selling your business one day, buyers will be interested in your intellectual property assets.

The benefits of registering a trade mark include:
• Exclusive right to use the trade mark throughout New Zealand to promote the goods and/or services it covers
• Use the ® symbol with the trade mark
• Legal protection to deter others from trying to imitate your brand
• A good trade mark will distinguish your business from others
• It adds value to your business that can increase over time, as the mark becomes established in the market
• You can sell or assign the trade mark to another person or business, or license it’s use to other parties

Read more about how to trade mark your business here https://www.iponz.govt.nz/about-ip/trade-marks/

Design Garage can help with your trade mark registration. Contact us today, we charge a min of $300 to complete and this includes the $150 fee from the intellectual properties office.


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