Understanding What Branding Really Means

What does branding really mean to you? Is it really just logos and a tagline?

Simply put – A brand is not a logo. A logo is simply a visual representation of your brand. However, a brand is someone’s perception of your business, service, or product. Ultimately, it’s what you stand for, who you are and how you shape your business.

Still a little confused? Let’s break it down.

What most people think branding is:

Slogan / Tagline

What branding actually is:

Brand Strategy
Tone of voice
Connecting with your audience
Your brand’s ‘why’
Your brand’s personality / story
Driven by your values / purpose
A consistent ‘look’ across every touch-point

A brand is built through experiences. It’s more than the logo, fonts you use, your favourite colours or even the slogan / tagline you started with. They are important elements – of course! But, branding is deeper than that.

Branding is everything. It’s your…

#1 Strategy

Branding doesn’t exactly happen ‘randomly’. It’s a cycle of well-defined stages, built around a strategy that enables a creative output. It defines what you stand for and how you position yourself, which influences all aspects of your business plan.

#2 Tone of voice

Your brand’s tone of voice reflects your brand personality, helps you connect with your audience, and sets you apart from the competition. Basically, tone of voice is how your brand communicates with the audience and how, in turn, they perceive your brand. In other words, tone of voice represents ‘how’ we communicate rather than ‘what’ we are communicating (Even though, ‘what’ plays a major part too).


#3 Your audience

When you connect with your audience on an emotional level, you create an intangible value. When you determine who you are trying to reach, how you want to communicate with them, you create a brand that your customers can identify with.


#4 Your brand’s ‘why’

Your brand starts with its very own ‘Why’, which encompasses your personality, story, values and purpose. Most of all, it’s the very reason you started your business and it’s the building blocks to creating a unique and engaging brand – as discussed in our recent blog: Knowing your brand’s ‘why’ – check it out here.

# 5 Your ‘look’ across every touch-point

Providing a consistent experience for your customers, wherever or however they interact with your brand, leads to a successful business – whether that’s via your website, any marketing material or through your social media.

You can learn a little more about why consistency is important here.

So… Now, it’s your chance to answer. What is branding, actually?

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and need some help with your branding, get in touch!