Website Trends for 2017 – 5 Key Elements

2017 heralds a host of new website trends which will help business owners and decision makers make the most of their online marketing in an ever-changing, social-savvy world.

Mobile devices are being used more and more by consumers, so it’s important to ensure your website is looking good no matter how it’s viewed. Design Garage is always working hard to keep your website fresh, using all the latest tools, ideas and techniques.

Let’s look at the new trends for the coming year:

Karla Morris - Website Trends 2017 by Design Garage


Short Video

It’s predicted that video will take up 70% of all internet traffic by the end of 2017. That’s BILLIONS of videos being watched, shared and created every single day. Video is fantastic for introducing your business, promoting products, creating memorable content, and increasing reach and engagement. Does your website at least feature a video on the landing page? It should. A website homepage background video can tell an entire story about a product or service within seconds![/ezcol_1half_end]


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Have you ever seen an image with a caption and thought “I’ve seen that before, only it was a different company!” Chances are you have. Stock photos freely available to everyone are all well and good, but the chance of double-ups between brands is extremely high. Pictures you take on your mobile phone are also a no-no. If the lighting is wrong and the picture is badly composed, it will cheapen the entire look of your website. It’s better to go to an expert (like us!) and use professional images chosen specifically for you.


Victoria Subdivision - Website Trends 2017 by Design Garage

Big, Bold and Beautiful

They’re the buzz words used to describe typography in 2017. Every application has a host of amazing fonts and creative ways to make the most of them. Such choice can be overwhelming and unless you’re a professional graphic designer, you may end up with a cluttered mess instead of the sleek, polished finish you were after. You may also find that some fonts just won’t translate to different applications and then what? Back to the (virtual) drawing board. We have tricks to make your words pop. Come and see what we can do for you.

BlackBird - Website Trends 2017 by Design Garage

The User Experience

Sometimes, it’s just not about you. I know, it sounds harsh. But really, it’s the potential customer of whom you should be thinking. They’re the ones using your website. Whether they’re checking out a product, making an online order, or just finding out your contact details, their experience should be as easy and as pleasant as possible. Long loading times should be sped up. Cluttered pages need to be streamlined. Information has to be easy to find. The website should hang together as a whole, not as a collection of bits and pieces. Make it your New Year’s resolution to look at your website objectively as an end user would. Is it as easy to operate as you’d like? If not, come and see us.

Powerco - Website Trends 2017 by Design Garage
Memorable Layouts

Have you notices that many websites look the same? 2017 is all about mixing it up, having uneven columns, bold image and text. An original layout will make your website more memorable to your customers. This coming year will give you more chance to explore your creativity and create truly unique business marketing options.

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