Why Hiring a Web Designer is Better for Your Business


We are New Plymouth’s Creative Hub for Branding and Website Design.

Your business deserves a website that captivates, attracts and converts.

With broad industry knowledge and trained eyes, we’ve got the skills to make your website turn heads – built to not only connect with your customers – but convert their clicks to sales.

Your website is a powerful resource. It’s actually quite a BIG DEAL. And, when it’s done right it can be a very effective sales tool.


Today, there are hundreds, even thousands of cheap or even free website builders at your fingertips. And, while they may seem like a great option… are you willing to bet your reputation and the success of your website on the cheapest option available?

As the saying goes, you get what your pay (or don’t) pay for…

The internet is fast becoming the leading resource for people to search for a business to fulfill their service needs. Your website is often the first thing your customers see when they search for your product or service. Which begs the question, what kind of impression does your website present?

> Does it properly represent your brand?
> Is it easy to navigate?  Have you considered the UX?
> Do your customers want to look elsewhere because they can’t find what they’re looking for?
> Is it engaging? Captivating?
> Do your services make sense?
> Does your website even come up when you search for your service?Is it SEO optimized?


Without the fundamental skills, experience and industry knowledge that we (as professional web designers) have, a cheap or free D.I.Y website can be destructive to your business, swallowing up not only your time, but risks losing the potential customers you could have had if you’d done it right in the first place.

That’s not to say you have to spend thousands to create an effective website either.

It’s about finding the right balance between usability, design and the goals you actually have for your website with our experience and knowledge to build the perfect website for you.

You may think, ‘Na, she’ll be right – I can take on the task of designing and maintaining a website. Easy! I’ll figure it out” – But what many of you don’t realise is that Web Design is actually quite a complex, full-time job that is better left to the professionals.

Rather than spending months ‘figuring it out’, wouldn’t you rather spend that time growing your business or even actually having some downtime?

If you want to be competitive in the online (and even offline market) you need a professional website. 


Here are 5 reasons that will help you understand why hiring a web designer is better for your business:

#1 Custom Design

We will create a website personalised to suit your business. One that is ‘on-brand’ and one that your customers will recognize in association with your current brand presence. 

Cheap or free website builders often restrict the capabilities of your site, often limiting features, graphics and fonts. With our very own web developer and expert team, we do not have such restrictions.

We will evaluate your service and products and work with you towards what your goals are for your website and how we can achieve this with our skills and industry knowledge.

Every aspect of your website will be personal to your and your business.


#2 Functional Properties

The internet is forever changing. New technologies, new compliances, new strategies and new ways to attract customers to your site occur all the time. From SEO optimization (check out the importance of SEO here) or coding capabilities to effective strategies to increase your website traffic, we have the tools to keep your website on-the-ball and up with the latest technology and functional trends for optimal success.

#3 Visual Properties

Simply put – how your website looks, the way it navigates (UX), the colours and the graphic elements used are crucial. These properties can elevate your whole brand.

Your customers don’t want to be searching on your website for hours trying to find what they’re looking for, they don’t want to be bombarded with bright ‘off-brand’ colours or swamps of crowded text. We can help with this! 

We will help you to create an effective and seamless user experience (UX) for your website, that boasts not only great functionality, but is visually appealing.


#4 Strategy and Maintenance

With experience in what works and what doesn’t work in the world of websites, we can build a strategy for you to ensure you reach your goals, connect with your customers and get sales. 

You can have the best strategy in place… but to maintain it is another thing! Often, free websites can actually start out quite strong (if you have a knack for it), however, they can quickly become outdated and behind the current, and ever-changing technologies. Maintaining a website can be a full-time job on it’s own.


#5 Time

As we discussed earlier, designing and maintaining a website can be super time consuming. From the initial design and optimizing it for Google through to making sure it looks ‘on-brand’ and ultimately looks good across mobile to staying on top of updates – if you don’t have the right knowledge or experience, it can become an all-consuming nightmare.

By working with us, we not only take the guesswork out of the process, but your website will be completed quickly and effectively. More importantly, this means that you can spend time working on what you’re good at – building your business.


We are New Plymouth’s Creative Hub for Branding and Website Design.

… And we’re here to help you create a website that captivates, attracts and converts.

Let’s get started today!