Design Garage offers one on one consulting for business owners who want to kick their marketing into high gear. With Casie as your co-driver.

We focus on brand as the core principle propping up your marketing so you need to understand exactly how to use your branding every single day in your business.

That may mean developing your unique brand strategy, creation of internal documentation, publishing guides, ads or templates.

Or maybe a fresh coat of paint with new brand colours and a reworked logo.

Every plan developed by Casie is completely customised and what’s better than driving off into the sunset with a design expert who really gets the reality of business ownership by your side?

Marketing coaching

Develop your Marketing Plan

Grab a hands on session with Casie where you will not only create a plan but get stuck into the actual how to so you can create compelling marketing for your business. 

These sessions may include social media, graphic design, website editing, emails, newsletter and any other marketing you have been looking to get off your list.

Whether you need one session or multiple sessions, Casie will come up with an action plan for your business. We kick off with a brief so we can both establish exactly what you need to achieve – and if you don’t know what you need that’s ok too! We can kick off with a pre-work session to nail that.

$500+gst per session

Business owners or marketing managers.

Marketing Workshop

Intensive Digital Marketing Training

For serious business owners and their teams who want to nail their digital marketing. Casie will cover all the important skills you need to own your digital marketing including SEO, Social Media, website content over six months.

Over six months Casie will teach you the mechanics of increasing your online sales including website SEO and social media strategy. 

You will have a clear understanding of the digital marketing channels you should be using and how to use them well to achieve your goals. 

Delivered in one session per month with support provided via email between sessions. 

Core Focus Areas:

  • Understand how to increase sales using digital marketing
  • Ensure your website content is managed appropriately and follows best practices for SEO 
  • Embrace social media content creation and automation 
  • Understand how to create marketing campaigns that get sales

This service is for Business Owners and/or Managers and is a one on one customised programme of work.

Starting from $6000 + GST 

Funding may be available via Regional Business Partners Network

Visual Brand Consulting

Is your brand feeling tired, lacklustre or just a bit off? Whether your business is brand new, or needs some new life and energy put into it, Casie will ensure you walk away with a powerful and dynamic brand for your business that reflects who you are, and speaks to the people you serve.

Your brand is a core business asset and crucial to your marketing success but it’s often neglected and parked up as “just a logo”. If you suspect your marketing isn’t hitting the mark, or you’re struggling to connect with your target market then let Casie take the wheel and ensure that your brand is doing the heavy lifting it should be.

Casie will teach you to use your brand to the greatest effect by creating a brand strategy that relies on expert design, data, research and her years of marketing experience.

Over six months Casie will teach you how to build strategic branding into the day to day running of your business to maximise connection with your target market and ultimately increase sales.

Casie starts by defining your core purpose and brand vision, documenting your business goals, and then creates a road map so you and your team will be able to set clear direction for your business moving forward.

This will allow you to own the strategic direction of your business and brand which allows you to partner with agencies, contractors and resources with confidence, knowing you own the plan.

Delivered via two workshops plus additional monthly progress sessions and support between sessions via email

Core focus areas:

  • Defining customer needs
  • Marketplace and competitor analysis
  • Unique selling points
  • Company culture, mission, vision and values
  • Strategic ownership
  • Creation and maintenance of brand assets (templates, logos, graphics, social media content)

This service is for Business Owners and/or Managers and is a one on one customised programme of work.

Starting from $6000 + GST 

Funding may be available via Regional Business Partners Network

Design Garage is proudly part of the RBP Network and your business may be eligible for funding toward specific registered workshops.

The aim of the RBP Network is to connect business owners with a local team of people who are resourced and ready to help. When you register your business with the network, they will put you in touch with your local Regional Business Partner. They have all the resources you need – including local knowledge, experts, networks, and funding – to support your business on-the-ground. They’ll also connect you with your own personal growth advisor. If you are based in Taranaki, Venture Taranaki will help you through the process and you can let them know you’re interested in working with us.