We offer one on one training programs for businesses. Each session is customised to your specific marketing goals. Whether you are looking for a one off session or ongoing support, Casie is your marketing partner who will help you get there.

Marketing coaching

Marketing Kick Start Session

Looking to start your 2024 marketing off with a bang? This one on one session is not just making a plan, it’s a hands on session where Casie will work along side you to create and schedule your marketing. Including social media, graphic design, website editing, emails, newsletter or any other marketing you have been looking to get off your list.

This is a one on one session with Casie to sort your marketing. This isn’t just planning and strategy it includes completing the design and marketing work. You can use this as a one off or continue with monthly sessions. Before we start we get you to fill out a worksheet of what you want to achieve so we can plan ahead. New Clients may need a pre strategy session.

$500+gst per session (2.5 hours plus pre-work)

Marketing Workshop

Workshop One: Digital Marketing Training

In this 6 month one on one training program we will train business owners on all important skills for digital marketing. This will including SEO training, social media training, training on best practice for website content and any other online digital marketing training that will improve their business.

What training area(s) will be covered:

• Learn mechanics of how to increase sales online
• Training on how to write and implement SEO on your website
• Training on how to improve your Social Media

The training will be delivered in-person one on one. Tailored specifically to your business goals.

The business owner / business manager will learn how to:

 •Have a clear understanding or what digital marketing they should be using and how to use them well
• Gain skills to Implement changes online to increase sales
• How to add new products and information
• How to create and schedule marketing on all social media platforms
• Gain the skills to create marketing campaigns that get sales
• Understand the basics of how content should be written for best practice SEO

6 months of one on one training. 1 day training per month with additional support.
$6000+gst – funding available.

Workshop Two: Brand Strategy

Your brand is a core business asset, and as such we need to look after it to ensure it remains relevant to our business and the markets that you service.

Whether your business is brand new, or needs some new life and energy put into it, our Develop Your Brand management training will ensure you walk away with a powerful and dynamic brand for your business that reflects who you are, and speaks to the people you service.

This training is for Business Owners and/or Managers and is a one on one customised programme.

We will train you to gain a much better understanding of how (and how not) to use your brand it to greatest effect. During the workshop we will create a brand strategy that elevates and maximises your business products and services in the eyes of the customer. We will develop a well-articulated brand strategy and practical plan of execution that is customer and business-focused aligning business strengths to customer needs.

-Clearly defines your companies goals and vision
-Creates a personality framework for the business products or services
-Aligns Mission Vision and Value Statements
-Examine company culture
-Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs
-Consider marketplace and competitor positioning
-Create Unique Selling points

What’s included:
-An interactive workshop to define your core purpose and vision for your brand
-A follow up workshop and training session to discuss outcomes, new brand, and present a ‘’what’s next’’ road map.

-Gain a deeper and fully rounded understanding of the business and it’s positioning
– Be able to create clear direction and focus for the new brand
-Allows business owner adoption of strategic direction of the business and the new brand
-Understand how to create a personalised roadmap detailing what is next to bring your brand to life and attract the customers you desire
-You will also gain a lot more confidence that your brand is relevant, and how it can differentiate itself against your competitors.

6 months of one on one training. 1 day training per month with additional support.
$6000+gst – funding available.

Design Garage is part of RBP Network. The aim of the RBP Network is to connect business owners with a local team of people who are resourced and ready to help.

When you register your business with the network, they will put you in touch with your local Regional Business Partner. They have all the resources you need – including local knowledge, experts, networks, and funding – to support your business on-the-ground. They’ll also connect you with your own personal growth advisor. If you are based in Taranaki, Venture Taranaki will help you through the process.