SEO New Plymouth

Are you getting the ROI from your SEO?


We don’t claim to be Global SEO experts but we are New Plymouth SEO experts. And yes there is a difference. Read below to find out.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become super important over the past few years and we see a lot of companies spending a lot of money in this space. From the outside, it might look like a lot of money to spend for months on end. It’s natural to wonder where all that money is going and if you’re really getting the return your business needs.

We have been building websites for years and the basis of SEO hasn’t changed too much, our experience has given us some valuable insights into how it works and how to set it up for success. If you are a small business targeting buyers in your region, a full SEO campaign with large ongoing monthly costs isn’t going to make you more money. We see far to many businesses fall into this trap by “SEO experts”.

SEO New Plymouth

We value authenticity when it comes to your marketing spend and have come with a list of questions to consider before you  engage an SEO company:

  • Do you have an online store that ships NZ wide? Yes/No
  • Do you want people outside your region to buy your services or products? Yes/No
  • Do I want to grow your business outside the region? Yes/No

If you answered NO to the questions above, maybe you need to consider a local SEO plan.

What is a local SEO Plan?

We aren’t going to give you an over technical take on how SEO works. But a simple example of how you can use research and testing to get people to your website.

One example for how local SEO has worked for Design Garage:

We created a blog post called “Business Card Design New Plymouth”.  Now this isn’t a massive service we offer but is a good example of how direct and local SEO works for small businesses.

This is a small scale tightly targeted search phrase in Google. We get direct results from it. We did the research and SEO work and it got direct results. People in New Plymouth who want a business card design contact us through Google. It’s that simple.

So how could this work for your business?

Talk to us to see how we can get results for your business that actually work and aren’t over priced.