Branding – why is it Important?

If you’re in business you should already know about the role branding plays.

Your brand reflects the image you want your business to portray to the world. Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. Your brand is what drives customers to do business with you. Your brand is the first impression a customer will have of you. And your branding is often the first thing they’ll recall. The importance of branding cannot be over-emphasised.

And yet, so many businesses get something so fundamental, so wrong. They’ll do one thing in print, something else on the web and still another in store. This approach dilutes their message. Their visual branding may be too cluttered – too many fonts, too many slogans – too much to remember. Or their branding may be completely inappropriate for the situation.

Branding is an essential business tool and yet not everyone has the skill or knowhow to pull it off. That’s where Design Garage can help. We have vast experience in creating the perfect branding image for your company, one that will resonate with your customers and leave a lasting, favourable impression in their minds.

A few things to consider when creating your brand are:

1. Keep it simple.

  • A stickman on a yellow background. A white f on a blue square. Simple equals memorable. It’s also easier to translate to different mediums – i.e. from print to outdoor signage.

2. Business ethos.

  • Your brand must reflect your business. Flowers, love hearts and cherubs may not be the best choice for a corporate accounting firm.

3. Choice of font.

  • Strong and defined, handwritten, loopy cursive? Each immediately gives a distinct impression that might be at odds with the message they’ve inscribed.

4. Choice of colour.

  • Red could mean fire or danger, or passion and love. Yellow can inspire feelings of hope and joy. Green is both the colour of money or nature. Choose carefully – and make sure it’s a colour you like too.

5. Usage.

  • Where will your brand be shown? Uniforms, outdoor and vehicle signage, business stationery, online? Your colours and logos should be consistent across all mediums and may need tweaking slightly to fit each platform.

It’s not just new businesses that need new branding. An image overhaul can breathe new life into the company, attracting new customers. Take an objective look at your business and ask opinions of others. Does your image appear dated? Have you changed your core business and your marketing hasn’t kept up? Have you bought into a business and the branding simply doesn’t fit with your own personal style? Re-branding a business doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. It could be as simple as changing a font or updating a colour.

Design Garage has the expertise to help you decide how far you want to go. Take a look at the portfolio at www.designgarage.co.nz/projects/.

From logos to signage to graphic design and websites, Casie will ensure that your business branding stands out from the rest.


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